August 26, 2013

top picks

I thought I'd share some of my current faves.

Best new parenting tool.  We now use it every morning after breakfast.  The kids are learning to pray!

Best new home school find.  I'm not one to promote plunking kids in front of a screen, but this math program rocks!  For grades 3 and up.  Check it out.

Best thing on my cooking rotation.  Pioneer Woman doesn't disappoint.  PERFECT gravy every time.  30 minutes and dinner is done.  I use the biscuit recipe, too, cuz it's such a snap.  Add a quick chopped fruit salad and some orange juice, and everybody's happy.  Thanks, Ree!

Best hairdo for long hair.  Put a stretch headband on your head, hippie-style, and then pull your hair up and tuck it in (fold and tuck several times if your hair is as long as mine).  I posted this one of Facebook the other day, too, because it is just so easy...and comfortable!  Thanks, Mom, for taking a picture of this hairdo worn by that clerk at JCPenney:)

And here is a picture of my favorite lovebirds, my big brother Kody and his girl, Carrie.  Cupid hit the mark with these two, I tell ya!