August 11, 2013


So this deck my hubs is building?  It is extreme.  Extremely challenging, and extremely impressive.  However, once it is finished, it will look so much like part of the landscape that virtually no one will think a thing of it.  Guests will undoubtedly come for dinner and stand around on the deck munching on a grilled burger and be thinking about everything but the deck they are standing on.

"That's OK," Daniel said, when I pointed this out to him the other night.  "Craftsmanship should go unnoticed.  If it is noticed, that's when you know there's a problem."

So insightful, don't you think?  That Daniel Rupp.  He sure is a smart feller (or as my dad would say, a fart smeller).

The next day, my friend Nancy sent me a link to a blog post that was fantastic (and timely, Nancy, so thanks again!)  The blog, which I'd  never seen before, is written by a gal not much different than myself, with one notable exception: her post had drummed up 77 comments.  77 comments!

Immediately I'm comparing.  Immediately I'm thinking I should stop blogging.  Not enough people read it, I say to myself.  Nobody cares.

But then I remembered Daniel's words.  Good craftsmanship should go unnoticed.


Not only that, but I thought about why my husband is up there every night measuring and sawing and sweating in the late summer swelter.  Quite simply, he is enjoying himself.

And I, too, am enjoying this blog.  I'll never have 77 comments.  I'm not interested in joining the blogher network, or whatever it's called, and I don't run adds on the sidebar.  I've never learned to take pictures of food I've cooked (any picture I have taken of food makes it look as appetizing as chewed gum).  I'm just me, doing what I like. 

And I'm pretty sure that is enough.