August 06, 2013

swimming like sanctification

Bright and Zion took swimming lessons for two weeks last summer in America.  They learned how not to drown.

People get saved in much the same way.  They say the salvation prayer and weep for an hour, and they have learned how not to go to Hell.

I am convinced the only real way for kids to learn to swim - as in, become one with the water like the fishes are - is to keep them near a swimming pool for the entire summer.  This has been easy for us to do, since there is a kidney-bean shaped pool in our apartment complex for us to use, and it is too hot and muggy to do anything else.  Now they are swimming like the staff at Sea World.
Brave can't swim without floats, but it doesn't affect his self-confidence one bit.
Jubilee had a fever yesterday:(
I am always looking for ways to help my children understand matters of faith, and I think swimming is a good representation of the sanctification process.  If all a person ever does is learn how not to drown, and never spends time near the water, he's not going to become a stronger swimmer.  He will probably prefer, in fact, to steer clear of water altogether, letting his swim trunks collect dust in his closet. 

We've got to stay close to the pool, friends!  Let us learn to enjoy the feel of water in our ears.  How tragic to let our Bibles collect dust in the closet.

Because learning how not to drown is only the beginning...