August 05, 2013

I never go to Hong Kong

I still remember the moment, at the dining room table, when one of our then-two-year old son Zion's eyes clunked in toward the bridge of his nose.  It scared us to death (especially when the ophthalmologist, on the phone ten minutes later, started throwing around words like "brain tumor"). 

Daniel took Zion, who was still in diapers, to the airport early the next morning and boarded the first available flight to Hong-Kong.  As it turned out, Zion had no brain tumors, just an incredibly lazy left eye.

And Zion has been flying to Hong-Kong on a regular basis ever since.  Sometimes he and Daniel take Bright, but never have they taken me or the other kids:(  Flights are too expensive, and a room big enough for all of us to bed-down in for one night on the skyscraping island metropolis of Hong-Kong would put considerable strain on the budget.

So, I visit the great Hong-Kong vicariously through my son(s) and hubby, and drool over the pictures of burgers and Turkish menus they show me.  Lucky ducks.
Triple-O's is their FAVORITE spot to eat in Hong-Kong.  Apparently it is a legend in western Canada??
I'll take the Mixed Bbq Kebab, if you please!