August 11, 2013

carton conversation

At the breakfast table this fine Sunday morning, my husband, while eating Nutella on homemade bread, posed the following question to the rest of us:

DANIEL: If you were on a game show, and the grand prize was a carton full of any one thing - of your choosing - what would be in the carton?

ME: How big is this carton?

DANIEL: Half the size of this table.  Or, say, a cubic yard.

BRIGHT: Mechanical supplies.

DANIEL: Good one!

ZION: A carton full of best friends.

BRIGHT: If I were a best friend, I'm not sure I'd want to be kept in a carton...

BRAVE: All things juicy!

ZION: Like bugs?

BRAVE: (who missed his nap yesterday, unfortunately)  NOOOOO, NOT BUUUUUUGS, ZION!!! begins wailing

JUBILEE: I want a rubber ducky.

ZION: A rubber ducky half the size of this table?!

ME: I would want a carton full of utterly superb novels to read.

DANIEL: (nodding his head in mock agreement) Superrrrrrb novels.

BRIGHT: What would you want in your carton, Daddy?

DANIEL: Guys, I have to say, I'd choose diamonds or gold or something like that.

BRIGHT:  (shaking his head with pity) Putting all your hope in material things...

Brave riding with the lumber for the deck.  No logging industry here.  Wood imported from Russia.