August 23, 2013

God's awesome self esteem

I have been following this story, about a girl in India whose adoptive mom thought SURE she had been healed from her lifelong HIV; but as it turns out, the negative results were a fluke and she still has the disease.


This "unanswered prayer" story has hardly left my mind these past 48 hours.  How - or rather why - would G0D raise a family's hopes like that, affirming a mother's great faith to the point that she would announce her daughter's healing to the world and even order 200 celebratory bracelets?  Why would He embarrass her like that, and even, dare I say, embarrass Himself?


But in order to become embarrassed, one must have frailty.  And GOD does not.  GOD'S self-esteem is perfect. 

Whenever something seems theologically fuzzy to me, I think about the cross...for most matters were settled there.  And when I look at the cross, I see a G0D who let everybody think He was powerless to stop what was happening to Him.  I see a G0D who let everybody think He was a fraud, a mere mortal, a liar, in order to accomplish that which was best for all mankind.

He had nothing to prove; He had something to do.

With G0D'S awesome self-esteem in mind, I think about little Arumai, and her HIV non-healing, and I can only assume that G0D is up to something bigger than healing her blood disease.  We all know He can heal a little girl, don't we?  That is what we expect Him to do, isn't it?  But a G0D who would not heal a little girl?  Now that would be a G0D with some guts.

So it is with great admiration that I consider the faith of a mother who would order 200 celebratory bracelets before the final HIV test results came in, and it is with great humility that I worship a G0D who would allow His creation to murder Him so that they might all... healed.