May 27, 2012

U.S. soil

I watched the original wizard of oz on the plane, somewhere about hour 7, and now I feel like I am living a whirlwind has picked us up and plopped us down in another land. There are no witch feet sticking out from under our house, but there certainly are sparkling waters and brightly-colored trees and things do seem to be paved with gold. America. The whole world envies her and the whole world judges her but when the order is placed, the food comes fast and hot and just the way you ordered it. America could adapt Papa John's pizza slogan, saying, "We didn't invent civilization, we just made it better." So yes, it is good to be back, even if we are absolutely, positively, and in every way EXHAUSTED. The day after we landed, the day after Jubilee immigrated, Daniel dropped the two of us off in Little Rock for her surgery. I was jet lagged out of my mind and reverse culture shocking and if it hadn't been for my AWESOME friends there by my side, I don't think I would have made it. Darci, Candace, Korrie, and Lydia, you rock my world. And Kaylee and Phom, we were SO blessed to be able to stay in the green house! Jubilee did great, and she is now running around this farm house like she doesn't have a care in the world, let alone a scrawling incision across her chest and under her arm. That girl, she is something else. You would think she has been an Arkansas country girl her whole life. You should have seen her at cracker barrel this noon, scarfing down on pinto beans and smiling her gorgeous Chinese smile at all the ponytailed waitresses. Just as soon as our American sim card comes in, I will be back on the blogging train, and able to share some pictures. Happy times on U.S. soil!