May 17, 2012

in our last week

Bright played his first game of Scrabble this week.  I won, but it was a close race.

We finished school for the summer!  Bright is now a second-grader and Zion is some sort of kindergarten/1st grade conglomeration.  Three cheers for non-traditional education!

And finally, for a bit of comic relief, the following add appeared in our expat community bulletin this week, to which I say, "Tempting, but no thanks."

Female full sized mannequin for sale
Female full sized mannequin for sale. Just like the ones you see in the clothing stores. The neck has a crack in it, however the head still properly sits where it's supposed to. Glue or epoxy of some kind can easily fix it. She could easily be placed in the passenger seat of a car. Or made to stand in the entrance way of your home to greet people or hang coats on. What a conversation piece! Start this new chapter of your life by making an offer. Any offer!

Three more days of packing and one 5th birthday party for Zion separate us from our journey to America.  Yippee skippee!!!!