May 01, 2012

as sweet as it gets

This week is sweet.  As sweet as it gets.

We have friends in town.  Not just any friends, and by "in town" I do mean they flew across the world to see us (and eat fried red beans and reconnect with old people and places, but mostly to see us, we like to think:)  Lance and Leah Luttrell are here, and if you've ever met them, or if you've ever heard of them, you know just how sweet this week is.

We have known Lance since he was in high school.  Those were his afro days.  He might have weighed 130 pounds soaking wet, and like the hair on his head, his heart stuck out all over the place.  He was bursting with love for his Savior, and biting at the bit to get out there and change things.  Daniel has loved Lance Luttrell longer than he has loved me.  It is a sweet thing.
Lance is all grown up now, fast approaching the end of his 20s in fact, with a closely-cropped cut and a beautiful bride on his arm who matches him wonder for wonder.  I thanked him yesterday for marrying Leah and bringing her into my life.  She is absolutely fantastic!  Her beauty is a little intimidating at first, but she is so cool and sweet and genuine, that one can't help but excuse her for it.  ;)
Lance is still bursting with love for his Savior, but marriage has changed him, or rather completed him.  He has meat on his bones now, and his eyes have a calm quality to them that wasn't there before.  It is a really sweet thing.

Last night, after the kids were snug in their beds, the four of us sat in the living room and unpacked the contents of our burdens.  Ahhh, friendship.  It is to life as coconut milk is to Thai curry, as peanut butter is to lunch; sweet and thick and essential.

After sharing, we prayed for each other until there wasn't a dry eye among us.  It was a sweet, sweet thing.

As sweet as it gets.