May 13, 2012

a true mother's day

Life after the big wreck has returned pretty much to normal.  Very normal.  Daniel and I spent today (which was mother's day on this side of the world) cleaning up Brave's throw-up and measuring doses of fever-reducer, while helping Bright make the perfect paper airplane, addressing Zion's current issue with frustration, and reassuring a nervous Jubilee who can sense upheaval but doesn't know what to make of it.  There were carrots to be sliced for dinner, the floor to be swept for the umpteenth time, unanswered emails on account of the wreck, work to be done on breaking down the house for the move, work to be done on packing and preparing for our trip to the States, etc., etc., etc.

Daniel apologized for not having done something special for me on mother's day.  I told him not to worry about, that I understood perfectly, in light of everything that is going on.  Still, I will be glad when my daughter is old enough to make me breakfast in bed like I always did for my mom, and instigate a "Mother's Day Tree" like Candace's daughter did for her this year.

Then, when I think about it, this was a perfect mother's day.  This was a true mother's day.  Going to the spa all morning followed by lunch with my five best friends isn't a mother's day.  Its a fairytale day.  I hope to have a fairytale day, and I will come August thanks to Kathy (woot woot), but in a very real way, today celebrated all that I go through right now, all that I fight for, and all the sacrifices I make on a daily basis for the four little people who call me, "Mama."

So, whether you have your hands in warm wax today, or your toddler's puke, a happy mother's day to you!