July 23, 2011

puzzled by tights

Yesterday there were little piles of toddler clothes all over my bed and pouring down onto the floor, while a heap of removed tags and packaging mounted on top of my dresser.  In trying to sort them for their first washing, I found that little girls wear so many different colors, and very bright colors at that, so that I was nearly going to be washing each piece separately.  Then when it came time to put them in drawers, I couldn't figure out how to organize them.  Do "bloomers" (is that what they're called?) go in the drawer with tights and panties, or should they be put away with each of their coinciding dresses?  What about leggings?  Do they go with pants, or shorts, or capris?  What about capri leggings???? 

Oh my, I've got a lot to learn.

At one point, I pulled a T-I-N-Y pair of mint green panties out of the dryer and held them up by their hot pink waistband for Daniel to see, ice cream sundae applique facing out, and Daniel caught his breath slightly and then chuckled, shaking his head.  "What in the WORLD are we supposed to do with THOSE?"

Good question, Babe.  With our travel approval estimated to arrive in 3 weeks time, putting the grand uniting at about the first week of September, I guess we'll soon find out;)