July 29, 2011

birds of a feather

Our friends are coming home tonight from America, and we are WAY EXCITED.  Their eldest girl, Miriam, second from the right, is our steady babysitter and her absence has meant the absence of date nights and the absence of some of our sanity (which was in short supply already).  The biggest reason that we are glad for this family to be back around, however, is that they are, well, a lot like us.  There is never anybody quite as fun or as comfortable to hang with than birds of your own feather, ya know?  They laugh at the same things that we do, they value the same things that we do, and they get irked by the same things that we do.  They home school, they stay up late, they make desserts from scratch and devour them immediately, they teach their daughters how to have fun while staying modest and full of grace, and their sons how to be strong and real and full of love.  When their older boys wanted tattoos, Dad went with them and got one that matched.

We only hope to be as flavorful of a group with as much love for each other and for the L0RD when we are standing at our eldest son's wedding in 15 years.  For now, we will hang with these cool cats as long as we are allowed the privilege to do so.  Welcome back to town, friends!  Lets potluck soon!