July 19, 2011

Big Butt

Brave and his Ayi are close.  She takes him outdoors every morning for an hour-and-a-half while I teach home school (and Brave has the best language understanding of all the boys because of it).  He has her wrapped around his little finger.  Here they call that the little emperor syndrome.  He's got it alright, at least with her.

Ayi especially loves Brave's bottom.  Let me explain.  Brave is a white boy (like I needed to point that out) and (most) white boys have butts.  Brave doesn't just have your average white boy butt.  He's got one of those nice, round, running back butts.  Now Ayi is not white, and is not used to seeing white boy butts.  In her ethnicity, butts are usually much less...shall we say...pronounced (how often can I write "butt" in a single blog post?).  Therefore, she is fascinated by our son's backside.  When his diaper comes off, she chases him around the house calling him her pet name for him, "Da Pigu," which literally translates into "Big Butt."

Another good story for a future daughter-in-law.