July 06, 2011

open hearts

Jerry, Marcy, and Shari are the worlds' best grandparents.  They understand that Daniel and I are not the only ones adopting a child; our whole family is adopting a child. Their love for her is shared by aunts, uncles, and cousins, too!  My Aunt Cass, my mom, and my Aunt Cindy (pictured below in that order) went shopping the other day for Jubilee and sent their spoils, wrapped in pretty paper, all the way across the world with an "it's a girl" card signed with love.  This picture of them, taken on their Jubilee outing, will go in her baby book.
In the box, along with striped leggings, smocked shirts, and tiny panties (now that's a first for us), was this beautiful blanket, hand-knitted by my mom.  I had Daniel snap this photo of me holding the blanket and Jubi's photo, as a sort of "three generations" shot.  Pardon the outlets in the background.  Our apartment is lacking in the sentimental-photograph-backdrop department.
We feel so blessed that our families are responding this way.  She is, after all, more than our daughter.  She is their granddaughter, their niece, their cousin, their sister, and their great-granddaughter.  When we bring this little girl into our home, we are bringing her into a family tree, a forever member of our lineage and our heritage.  There will be, L0RD willing, Chinese children in the Rupp family for generations to come.  That thought is so sweet and special to me.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who loves us, family and friends alike, who have opened your hearts to Jubilee.  We can't wait to introduce her to all of you!