July 20, 2011

no birthday girl

Somewhere in an orphanage today, our little girl turned 2.

We had originally hoped to be with her on this day.  When it became obvious that we were not going to get our wish, we thought we would celebrate in her absence; bake a cake, decorate the dining room, the works.  But then today came, and it just didn't feel festive.  It didn't feel right for us to eat chocolate cake when she gets none.  It just didn't.

So, Jubilee, we are waiting for you before we celebrate.  Your presents sit wrapped and ready in the closet.  I don't know if you've ever had chocolate, so I'll bake you a vanilla cake and splash the top with sprinkles, and we will sing and clap and praise the L0RD for the day that you were born!

LORD, keep our birthday girl today.  And L0RD, please bring her home soon.