October 12, 2010

Sooo last week

My aunt, me, and my mom in front of our house, circa 1990
I am old.

No Duh, you might say (depending on what generation you are from).

I am totally aware of my age every Tuesday when our friends come over for grub.  Four of these friends graduated from college this year.  I graduated from college 8 years ago, and I've spent the last 6 years staring at diaper rashes and applying dark circle concealer.  Let's just say that eight years is a long time in terms of popular culture.  Really?  How much you wanna make a bet?  Really!  Sheeyaaah!

Case in point:  One friend says, while preparing to leave, "After this round, I'm going to have to peace."  Daniel and I thought he said "pee" and we offered him the bathroom.  He looked at us like we had just peeled off our "with it" masks and revealed our true elderly identities.  "I said peace," he said, "As in I've got to go."


We are old, y'all.