October 28, 2010

Off again.

As with most things over here, the internet is on again, off again.  Lately its been off again.  This has been nice for our home's organization level.  We have bought, washed out, and loaded four new storage bins of little boys' clothes, most of which are on their third rotation into storage.  Some day, when we stop snapping blue onesies between pairs of feisty legs, we will get rid of all these clothes and I will cry.

Also during our extended period of being cut off from the outside world, we have finally gotten around to printing photos like this one (courtesy of our very talented photographer, Becky) in obscenely large sizes to be framed and hung around on the sunny yellow walls of our apartment.
Getting photos printed here involves loading up our his-and-hers electric motorcycles with poncho-clad children and venturing out into the dreary, drizzly cold to park under a city tree and wait while Daddy negotiates our photo order in the Kodak shop for 45 minutes.  You can see why it has taken us nearly 3 months to get around to it.  Daniel did meet two very nice ginormous African men while waiting on his turn to talk to the photo clerk; two men who were particularly fond of strong English curse words and who were simultaneously (and perhaps consequently) hilarious.  Regarding the dreary, drizzly cold, I would like to point out that there is a rumor floating around over here that the government is seeding the clouds with rain to make up for the drought this summer.  It would not surprise me one bit.

One activity that we have not done in past internet-famines, however,was bringing large amounts of hot-pink corduroy to the tailor to be made into a chair cover and matching window seat cover for Jubilee's room.  SO MUCH FUN!  We just found out this week that the office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved us to adopt one child, under the age of 2, from The People's Republic of China!!!  We are now one giant step closer to being a family of six.  We will keep you posted (providing that we have internet, of course).