October 06, 2010

Ringing in my 30's

My hubby took me out to a fab Thai restaurant for spring rolls and cashew chicken and mango sticky rice.  Entertainment was provided by the questionable Asian rodeo on the big screen TV over the bar; by my biting into a pepper that was floating in my curry soup, an action that started the room spinning and I nearly went down; and by the laughable antics of John Greene and his fantastic wife, Alisa.
I just have to say that I LOVE Alisa.
 After some window shopping at the city's ritziest mall, where we saw a watch with a $30,000 price tag, and a desert stop for Gelato at a place overlooking the city, we headed to The Green Lake Hotel (sans John and Alisa).  This was the view from our room.
These were the complimentary breakfast fruits that I devoured when I was up at 6 a.m. waiting on Daniel to rouse from his out-without-the-kids hibernation.
After scrambled eggs with stir-fried wild mushrooms at The Prague cafe, we sauntered home and this was among the birthday cards that were waiting for me.  He wouldn't let his babysitters, the Hedden girls, help him at all.  You make my heart SING, Bright Eugene!
This was the outfit that I wore out with my girlfriends (Kristy, Alisa, Karis, Marianne, Lindsey, Shelley, Anita, Krista, and Liz) for my birthday lunch at Salvador's where we shared three orders of their scrumptious bean dip and I slurped down my usual pumpkin soup.  Thanks, Mom, for the darling birthday jacket!
It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway...I had a GREAT 30th birthday!