October 20, 2010

31 years

Daniel has been on this earth for 31 years.  He has walked faithfully with his Maker for most of those years.  He has loved me for nine of them, making me the happiest woman alive. He has been a (truly impressive) father for 5 of them.  He has spoken a very difficult Eastern language for 2 of them.  He has been incredibly kind and sincere and passionate and magnetic and admirable for all of them.
I love you, Daniel Rupp.  The 63 weeks of nausea and vomiting and 30 total hours of labor that I have endured to do my part in building this family with you have been worth it.  I would do it all 100 times over to spend this short life by your side.  I look forward to raising these kids with you, now, and traveling the world, and dreaming up ways to spend lazy Sunday afternoons.  I look forward to family movie nights and backpacking with our slew of boys (and girl:), and to holidays of baking my brains out to put a smile on your face.  Happy Birthday, Babe, and love always, from the bottom of my heart.
Me, in our kitchen, preparing Cajun Chicken Pasta for Daniel's birthday dinner (the internet let me load this pic but not ANY of the pics I tried to load of the actual birthday boy...grrr)