October 18, 2010

Our blessing, and our curse

Two months ago, these people were strangers.  Now they are like family.  Such is the nature of our lives here.
Two weekends ago we went on a retreat with them, to bring the daily grind down to a heart-level.  It was a beautiful and blessed time.
The island  across the lake from our hotel (to which we ventured by giant row-boat and over which we hiked)

The giant row-boats, docked.
The whole lot of us, on our hike, including our dear friends, the Greenes.
One of the most difficult aspects of what we do is that folks like us stay on, year after year, while fabulous friends like this head back to the States each summer.  It is our blessing, and our curse.
It is better to have loved and lost, though, and we are loving it up in the Spring City this October!