March 31, 2010

We were all made for something

A local handicraft store, its English name being Hearts and Hands, recently started carrying some books for English-speaking children. I picked up a children's dictionary the other day, and it is fabulous. Beautiful illustrations and descriptions of everything from the solar system to the nervous system to the inside of a car engine.

This afternoon, as the boys were leafing through it for the umteenth time, we noticed the Weaver bird, or Weaver finch. Male Weavers twist strips of leaves around a twig, then they make the roof and the entrance.


It got me thinking about creation. This bird could never measure flour for a cake, or plant an orchard, or lace a pair of sneakers. But we could never make this nest, especially without an opposable thumb or a tube of glue.

Horses are walking the day they are born. It takes us 14 months. Great White Shark mothers give birth to their young and swim away, leaving the newborns completely on their own. My dad did my taxes until I was 21.

Crazy creation. I guess we were all made for something.