March 14, 2010

Peas and Carrots

No, this post is not about vegetables, nor the lack of them that are consumed at the dinner table at our house (primarily by Zion, though he has begun to chew, and chew, and chew, and chew, and eventually swallow one bite of veggies every evening before he can eat whatever else is on the table).

This post is actually about Bright and Zion, and their cuter-than-ever relationship that I pray over all the time and delight in daily. I used the word "actually" just then in honor of Zion, who says "actually" before almost every point he makes, for some reason. (i.e. "Actually, I need a drink" "Actually, I'm a big, scary octopus" "Actually, I want Mama" etc.)

So now I return to the peas and carrots, or close-in-age brothers who have banded together in a foreign land where they are the only blond heads at McDonald's, or the park, or the supermarket, or wherever we happen to be out as a family. These two little guys adore each other. Whenever we buy a small toy, we always have to buy two that match, and then they name them like this: If we buy them wooden butterflies on springs, they name one "Bud" and one "Derfly." If we buy them wooden jointed crocodiles, they name one "Croc" and one "Odile." Often they pretend to be dragons, and when they do, Bright insists on being called "Drag," Zion "Komodo" and baby Brave is called "Gonny" (pronounced Guinea).

They wrestle on the floor together like grown men, they chase each other around and around and around and around the coffee table, laughing hysterically. They cuddle up close beside each other for a showing of Milo and Otis, Mighty Machines, The Talking Words Factory, or Winnie the Pooh. They insist on sitting next to each other at the kitchen table, and one will periodically kiss the other, usually on the back or the leg or something, and then continue playing as if nothing happened.

I just wonder what it will look like around here when Brave can toddle, and "peas and carrots" becomes a regular bag of mixed vegetables. Oh what fun we shall have then!