March 28, 2010

Thrice blessed!

Brave is starting to become a little guy. Now it feels like we really have three kids, as opposed to two kids and one bundle attached to mommy all day long. Brave is, as they say, "all boy." Not that the other boys are only partial boys or something dumb like that. It is just that Brave can be heard literally growling from his high chair, attacking his food like a wild animal, and laughing his raspy and dimpled laugh all the while. He is barely crawling but attempts to crawl up the steps to our landing in an effort to follow the big boys across the house. He eats McDonald's hamburgers already, at 9 months old, with only four teeth (which is mostly because he is the third child and caution has been officially thrown to the wind) and he fights like a rabid alligator on the changing table.

Apart from his "boyish" qualities, he has a fabulous sense of humor. He will laugh genuinely at something that he finds funny, not just when someone pokes his ribs or pops up from behind a chair. He is cuddly, too, though not quite the cuddle bug Zion has always been. He is built just like Bright was, thick-chested with little biceps. He eats like two babies put together, and already has a taste for the spicy local food (particularly the fried red beans).

So, with Bright going around the house pretending he is Bear Grylls, pointing out the wild life in the living room and warning us that the lizard under the coffee table is "very territorial" - and with Zion running around completely naked from the waste down because that is the only way he will consistently use the toilet - and with our new little personality dragging himself after the others - our family has become quite full indeed. Pure joy dances from Daniel's face to mine as we watch our little brood. We are truly blessed.

This was the first time bathing the three of them together (last night). There were cuter pictures, but this was the only one I figured the boys would approve of when they are teenagers.Bright as a turtle.Brave in his mode of transportation.Zion hiding.