March 13, 2010

Too much of a good thing

During our homestudy the other day, our case worker requested that we, over hashbrowns at The Wicker Basket, tell her the weaknesses in our marriage. We looked at each other and smiled - and today I smile even bigger remembering the moment - as we realized we couldn't think of a single one.

Please don't hear me bragging. If anyone deserves to revel in this place, it is us. I remember saying to Daniel, with just 10 days of married life under our belts, "I don't like being married to you." I remember his response, too: "That might be a problem."

Hear me say this, as well. Our personal weaknesses abound. I am given to emotion too easily. He operates in task-mode too much of the time. I don't hang the hand towel back up when I'm done with it. He leaves his jeans on the floor every night and every morning I have to ask him, "Are these clean or dirty?" But...when asked to look at our marriage as an entity, we couldn't think of anything we would change about it.

I say that calls for a "Hallelujah."

Just last night, we decided not to pop in the cheap copy of "Blindsided" that we picked up at the movie store on our way home from KFC. Instead, we set up our Scrabble Deluxe board on top of our bed, grabbed our favorite evening snacks (mine is popcorn, of course, and his is a slice of homemade bread with Nutella), and we made words like "whap" and "axis" and "venom," laughing and munching our way to a 258 over 254 victory (Daniel's victory this time, which is becoming less and less rare, unfortunately).

We got to bed way too late, which leads me to the one weakness we finally thought of (so our case worker wouldn't think we were fakes). We wish we could stop hanging out earlier in the evening so we could get more sleep.

BTW, the picture was taken when we were engaged. What kids!