March 04, 2010


Last night we watched "Changeling."


The movie had different effects on Daniel and me. As the credits rolled, I pulled my knees to my chin and cried. It is very hard for me to believe that 82 years ago, in a chicken coop in California, those boy were really there, experiencing fear like most of us could only imagine. I had a similar feeling in the 8th grade after touring the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Do people really do those things to other people?

Yes. They do.

Daniel's reaction was slightly different (always more practical). He woke up early this morning, got dressed, and took Bright out to breakfast. He had been wanting for years to start taking the kids out individually, just a boy and Daddy, but had never actually implemented it. Implementation began today. He said he didn't want to miss one more opportunity to be with his sons.

Sometimes very disturbing "entertainment" brings about very real changes in how we see the world and how we spend our time. Worth the four Tums I had to eat afterward, for sure.