September 06, 2015

Great Lakes Summer, Part 1

Back in late June, our blue Lands End bags were filled, weighed, and stacked for the journey.
(We bought those bags before moving overseas in '08, using the $700 we earned from selling everything we owned in a yard sale under a shade tree across from the football field).

One last look at our Chinese way of life, before heading Stateside until Christmas!

Then we were off, flying American Airlines to Shanghai and finally to Chicago. A long journey, to be sure, but easier than in previous years when the kids were too young to eat from their own food trays. This trip was surprisingly uneventful.

The time had come at last to enjoy a Michigan summer! But first things first. If the kids were going to stay in the basement bedroom, Grandpa had to be sure they knew what to do in case of a fire.

Once we were settled in, with all those blue bags unpacked and our jetlag under control, it was time to embrace America, the land of opportunity!

The land of...sausages.

The land of bike riding!

And playgrounds made of wood! (The same playground I played on when I was their age). Wood is a rare resource in China and hardly ever do you see it.

Sweet America, where there are treasures in the trees

and the skies wear robes of linen.

Gathered together we stood at the starting line of Summer 2015, and oh what a summer it would be.