September 22, 2015

Great Lakes Summer, Part 6: Grammy and Gramps

My parents were good parents. Actually they were very good parents, all things considered. But they are EXCEPTIONAL grandparents.

My kids were under the impression all summer that after Grammy and Gramps had finished their morning coffee and newspaper, they existed only to please them. For the most part, it was true.

He's taught them to fish, of course.
She took em pickin'.
He taught him how to grill dinner.
She taught her how to knit.
They took em camping.
In the RV, of course.

He let him drive the boat.
She let her help with the pies.

He made them laugh.
She listened to their stories.
They took em to see the sights (and connect with their Dutch roots).
He carried their stuff down the beach.
So they could watch them have a good time.
They aren't afraid to have a good time themselves.

I loooooove my parents.