September 08, 2015

Great Lakes Summer, Part 2: All things American

They're expat kids, and they love that about themselves. But they are also very proud of their citizenship, and they love learning about their home country.

So this summer in Michigan, we bought them the quintessential American snacks: Chex Mix, Combos, Cracker Jack, and Corn Nuts.

And we made SURE they tried apple cider.

Nothing says "America" like sectional plates, au gratin potatoes, checkered table cloths, and oversized hair bows. Fourth of July as it should be!

And let's not forget about our country's fine art of taxidermy.

Queen Anne's Lace and Black Eyed Susan. These are to Michigan as bamboo is to China.

Sand between chubby toes. Sand running through chubby fingers. Sand clinging to the skin of six-year-old knees. This is Michigan.

Nothing is more American than veterans. Except maybe veterans at a Fourth of July parade. God bless America.