September 09, 2015

Great Lakes Summer, Part 3: Cousins!

There is no place like home, and there are no people like your own people.


They call the same people Grandma and Grandpa. Their parents are perfectly comfortable with each other. They have the same nose and the same laugh, or at the very least they like the same casseroles (passed down from the same great aunts). They compete and tease like siblings, but with a little bit of extra thoughtfulness thrown in.

Me, Daniel, Dad, Mom, Jack Sr., Melissa, Carrie, Kody, Brave, Gene, Jubilee, Zion, Jack Jr., and Sharlet
Second cousins! Missing Karter, of course. Not pictured: Hunter, Jack, and Sharlet
Rademaker cousins! Not everybody could make it, but we sure had fun.
I may not have sisters, but I've got my two girl cousins on my mother's side! Katy and Abbey. We LOVE to laugh.