September 24, 2015

Great Lakes Summer, Part 7: Liz

Yes, she gets her own post.

Daniel is my guy, and Liz is my girl.

This summer, we had the distinct privilege of watching our kids become friends. It warmed the cackles of our kindred hearts.

Our daughters became especially good friends, which is simply wonderful, since I really love Cadence Bella and couldn't have picked a better friend for my little girl.

I cherish these three women.

The really fantastic thing about this summer was Liz happened to be between finishing up her job and starting her PhD, and I happened to be in the U.S.A. The stars had aligned! In this way, we were given more precious time together than we may ever get again in as many weeks.

We went to see Dirty Dancing on the big screen outdoors in downtown Grand Rapids.

She introduced Jubilee and me to THE WORLD'S BEST tacos. I'm not kidding (and I've been to Mexico).

And yes, we got tattoos!! We've been talking about it for years, and this time we did it. We just went and did it. And now we are blood sisters.
She went first. What a woman.
Oh the pain! 
His name was Archie. He got his first tattoo at the age of 11. 
I am reminded of my freedom in Christ. She is reminded to live in this moment.
I love her.