June 06, 2014

rubber bones

Zion ran as fast as he could to the neighborhood swimming pool. He ran so fast and so excitedly, that he fell, catching his weight on his left arm.

The bellow he released was like none I'd heard. I looked at the arm he was coddling and it was turned slightly inward above the wrist.

Great, I thought. Our first broken bone. Should we get it set here in-country? Do we race him to a neighboring country that actually provides plaster casts? Will he spend the whole summer sitting on the edge of the pool watching his friends swim? This is a huge bummer.

But then, the Xray showed not a break, but a bend, called a buckle fracture. Apparently Zion still has his toddler "rubber bones," or "green bones," like the young branches of a healthy tree.

A brace for three weeks and some Motrin for the pain and swelling. That's it! We are very thankful parents today. No trips out of the country for orthopedic care. What a relief.