June 15, 2014


Kids are a handful!

They mess up our homes, our sleep, and our lives.

But ask any mother and she'll tell you that the most beautiful thing in her home are the finger smudges on her window glass. And parents may sleep less, but the sleep they get is sound and satisfying. And as far as our lives as parents, well, I sometimes wonder if I was truly living at all before the kids came along.

No thank you to quiet, tidy, and egocentric. I'll take a handful of kids any day.

Because it only takes a handful of years for those precious moments to pass. A handful of birthdays later and the youngest two are turning five and the pocket bibs are being wiped out for the last time and put away for the grandkids.

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, BRAVE! You are a handful of years old now, little buddy.
The bakery ladies on our street were handing out free puddings on Brave's birthday! He thought it was all for him. So cute. (FYI, the pudding looks better than it tastes)

WE LOVE YOU BRAVE, our gentle beast. Our polite powerhouse. Our cautious warrior.
May your life be long and your days full, your ways bold, and your heart brave.

Gratefully yours,
Mama and Daddy