June 27, 2014

1% lovebirds

I've mentioned before that our smack-dab-beside-us, share-the-same-wall neighbors are a family of Californian girls with Russian and Hong Kong descent.

And I've mentioned before that Gene and Emma, their oldest, are great chums. And boy are they ever! Secret code messages, long talks on the trampoline when they are tired of jumping, even the occasional healthy spat. Here they are with Jungle Camp's Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting that they baked two days ago in my kitchen and then went around the apartment complex peddling for 5 kuai a slice.

And then there's Zion and Sasha, their middle child, who are perhaps a little more than chums;) In their words, they are 99% friendbirds and 1% lovebirds. They plan to have a pig farm when they grow up, in which every one of their pigs are pets and none of them ever go to slaughter.

"How will you make money from your pig farm?" I asked them.

"We'll sell the baby pigs to people who want them as pets."

Fair enough.

And tiny Tamara, with her squeaky voice, and shoes always on the wrong feet, has provided Jubilee with a best friend.

The recipes for the cake: