June 04, 2014

May in pictures

We had some beautiful blue skies last month. Nothing lifts the spirits like yellow sunshine and puffy white clouds.

Gene found an opportunity to play in a soccer club last month. The first of it's kind for him. He was a natural, of course;)

Daniel traveled his fair share in May, which we are all starting to get used to. Jubilee made this "travel buddy" for him to take with him on his trips. Awwww.

We play a game in our family on the road. Whoever sees a yellow car and calls it, wins the game. If someone else spots a yellow car, then that person is the new winner. A pink car, however, trumps them all. Daniel found this pink car on one of his travels and texted us the picture. It was a sweet way to connect over the miles.

Our two youngest are about to turn five. Time flies! Look at this darling little girl. 

Zion lost a front tooth. He lisps like a child movie star now. I can't stop staring at him.

Meanwhile back in the States, my mom's aunt Arlene passed away peacefully at the age of 87. This is a photo of Aunt Arlene marrying my grandpa's brother, Don. That's my grandpa on the far left.

Also back in America, my big brother, Kody, and his fiancee, Carrie, are gearing up for the big day!

The flowers are blooming, the heat waves are crashing, and we are grilling-out on our rooftop garden. Happy Days of summer are rolling in.