February 12, 2014

one day's junk is another day's treasure

Bright used to do this thing with his arms like a chicken, while jutting his face forward and rocking back and forth.  Mostly when he was nervous, which meant any time we were in public. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was. Daniel and I wanted to say, "Don't mind him, he's a bit challenged." But of course he wasn't challenged. He was four. 

We were looking through old videos the other night and we came across a clip of Bright doing his weird chicken thing. Instantly we were both emotional. How could we have HATED that so much? It was so cute. And now it's gone forever. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and tell the Kayla of four years ago, "Don't let that embarrass you, enjoy it. Oh please enjoy it. It all goes by so fast."