February 23, 2014

money in the bank (and a scrap wood boat)

Some time ago I posted about Bright leading the family in a lively discussion about spiritual gifts, in which he declared "giving" to be his spiritual gift and therefore must start receiving an allowance.

Smart guy.

And yet his daddy and I weren't so sure about the whole allowance thing. Neither of us received allowances. I was expected to do whatever was asked of me with no compensation, and Daniel was expected to do nothing and got whatever he wanted (wink to my mother-in-law).

But everybody else is giving out allowances these days and even ole Doc Dobson endorses the practice, and so we have succumb.

We decided on 10 kuai every Saturday morning to each kid over 6 years old (which means Bright and Zion at this point), with the expectation that they'll tithe 10% of that to G0D's work, and save 10%. In return they must never push back when something is asked of them. If they do, 1 kuai is docked automatically.

And on the same Saturday that the kids received their first allowances, Zion drove in his first nail, creating this boat with Daddy.

Zion designed it, cut the pieces with a jigsaw, and helped hammer it together. Maybe there'll be another carpenter in the family one day!