February 15, 2014

my black-eyed valentine

My valentine is handsome. He is smart, too. But best of all, he loves us well. No man has ever loved his family more. Just tonight he stepped WAY out of his comfort zone for the sake of his sons, who want to learn to cook. The guys mixed marinades and wrapped corn in foil, while Jubilee and I played Go Fish. I loved it. I got to hear Daniel say things like, "Okay, the capital T means tablespoon, right?" and "I'm not sure what paprika is, Zion, but it's red so it must be spicy." It was an inspiring display of a father's love, and it made me proud to call myself Mrs. Daniel Rupp.

While I'm on the subject, I simply must post this picture of Daniel on ice after wrestling with the boys on the rug. Zion's surprisingly powerful right hook caught Daddy right in the eye. What a guy.

I love my valentine.