September 22, 2013

www woes

A newer, faster internet service was recently "offered" at our apartment complex. Offered is sometimes synonymous with required in this country.

Stupidly, we opted not to upgrade.  Our punishment for not upgrading is this: we now have an internet connection that is so slow you could grow algae on it.  We're talking fermentation slow.  You would need a time lapse camera to chart its progress.  The computer goes into sleep before the picture uploads.  The weather changes faster.  My mood changes much faster.  My preschoolers eat their vegetables faster, for goodness sake.

Did I mention my internet is slow?

Anyway, this is my reason for not blogging lately.  As soon as we upgrade (like everybody else) and I drain the built-up emails from my poor, bloated inbox, I will blog again.

Until then, happy September!  Hope you're internet is faster than mine!