September 08, 2013

The family is growing

When he turned 30 (six years ago), he "still" wasn't married.  No girlfriend, either.  He had plenty of people who loved him, of course, including a great bunch of buddies, a doting mother and father, the wonderful Mahrya, Cousin Jay, a fun-loving little brother, and a faraway sister who blogs about him from time to time (that would be me).  Still, he went to bed alone, usually with his boots on, usually on the couch, while the TV fuzzed at low volume from across the living area of his bachelor pad.

My mom was worried praying for him.  I was praying for him, too, because I knew he wanted a wife and family.  He wanted someone to loft hay bales with, and drink hot coffee with on a hypothetical front porch somewhere on a peaceful piece of land.

Because really, my big brother, for all his cowboy-ness and machismo, is a family man at heart.  He has a huge capacity to love, I'm telling you.  And he is a good man.  A very good man.

And now he will have someone to bestow all of that love upon.  That's right...I am pleased to announce (though not as pleased as my mother), that he has found the proverbial "one."  The ring is on her finger, people!

I am going to be a sister once again. 
Welcome to the clan, Carrie!  I'm so happy for you and Kody!