September 17, 2013

The confines of marriage

Married girls don't get to do anything! 

We don't get to sleep smack dab in the middle of the bed, for one thing.  And if an intruder ever came, we wouldn't even know it, on account of the big strong shoulder blocking our view of the bedroom door.

Married girls don't get to watch sappy romantic comedies and cry because that will never be us.  Because it already is.

We don't get to use, "I can't cook" as an excuse not to bring a dish to the potluck.  Because we can cook, and we cook well.  We've been cooking for the past eleven years, putting plates of steaming food down in front of the same grateful man, night after night. 

We're not virgins.  Not one of us.  What do you think of that?!

Married women don't get to gossip guiltlessly.  Our husbands would be too crushed if we did.

We don't get to do whatever we want with our hair, and we really should try not to let ourselves go.  Imagine how confining that feels, to be the only woman he ever looks at! 

We aren't free to lose sight of our dreams, because our husbands won't let us; and we can never again succumb to self-hatred.  We are loved too darn much. 

If you're single, and you're headed toward marriage, hear me say this: "Look out!  Your life will never be the same."