September 01, 2013

A pretty hanky

My friend, Candace, has much to offer the world in the way of friendship.  I think so many of us, in this digital age, have lost sight of what it means to be in a relationship with another human being.

But not Candace.  She is an oasis of the genuine in a sea of fakey-fakey.  I know she's got my back, and I know she cheers for me always.  So many people in Louisiana, Kansas City, and around the world feel the same.

(I've mentioned Candace on the blog before.  My daughter thinks her name is Ms. Candle.  Quite fitting, I think.)

In one 1-hour span of time last week, Candace received word of three tragedies having befallen people she loves.  So what did she do?  She started praying, which is, in my son Bright's words, a very good place to start.  And then she started giving.  Giving is her talent; giving of her time, her thoughtfulness, her resources.  She's a giver.  And she gave this beautiful handkerchief with the explanation that "...every girl needs something lovely to cry into."
Candace's response to her friend's grief got me thinking.  Really thinking.  And I came to the conclusion that giving a beautiful hanky, into which tears of bitter sorrow can be shed, is about the most wonderful way to extend condolences that I have ever heard of.  

We can't stop loved ones from tragically dying, and we can't stop the tears of the bereaved, but we can, through love, provide a soft landing for those tears.  Yes, we can do that.  And we should.  And I intend to.  Thank you, CDC, for another lesson in what it means to be a friend.