September 11, 2013

pics off the phone

Seafood tea.  Think clam chowder broth, without the cream.  In a teacup.

Bright sparring with his reflection at the park.  Brave is running up behind.  I am teeny-weeny in the background.

The deck is almost finished!  Bright is swinging from the rafters in the foreground.  Have I mentioned how much I love our roof?  Well, I do.  G0D knows how to give good gifts.

And while Daniel had his tools out, he whipped up a nice bunny cozy for George.  Now George Fuzzy has a place to sprawl, a hollow in which to crawl, and plenty of wood that I don't care about for him to gnaw.  I don't know who is happier in this case, the bunny, or the bunny-owner;)