July 23, 2013

this summer

While we wait for answers about Bethany, we are trying to enjoy the last couple of weeks of our summer.  Most parents prefer the school year, I think, but one would think a home school mom would be the exception.  Actually, I also prefer the school year, because during the school year our days are structured and rhythmic, and as soon as someone starts fighting over a toy, recess is over.

But this summer has been a joy, I have to say.  What with the disgusting convenient neighborhood swimming pool, and the plethora of kids on summer break from the international school with which to play; and in spite of the pummeling rain that often refuses to lift for days on end, and in spite of the mold and the pollution and other such things, we are having a very nice summer.  DJ on the third floor has Star Wars Monopoly, for one thing.  Enough said.

Thank you for praying for Bethany!  She is still in the hospital, and her symptoms are still going strong:( and there are still no answers.  It's a waiting game - and unlike Star Wars Monopoly, nobody likes that game.  I will update when answers start coming in.
For several (rainy) days, these tough guys wore shirts on their heads and were "skeleton pirates."