July 16, 2013

On putting a woman in the oval office

WARNING:  The following post is cheeky. 

If you had been a fly on the wall in our kitchen last night, as Daniel and I cleaned up the dinner mess, you would have heard the following.  I'll start in the middle of the conversation, so as to spare you the mundane details.

ME:  So what do you think was troubling her?
DANIEL:  I really don't know.
ME:  Maybe she has her period right now.

DISCLAIMER: I am personally acquainted with the potentially devastating effects of hormones, so I have a teeny bit of room to talk here.

DANIEL:  Maybe.
ME:  This is what would concern me about having a woman president.  What happens when there is a hostage situation in a U.S. embassy in a hostile country, and our president has her period?
DANIEL:  It depends on how heavy her periods are.
ME:  True, but how would we know that about her when we are casting our votes?
DANIEL:  It could be part of her campaign.  Maybe she would put it right into her slogan, "Light periods, heavy hand."

The truth is, I would vote for a woman president - regardless of how heavy her periods are - but I wouldn't vote for me:)