July 20, 2013


She looked too cute for words today, as we took the escalator, mother-and-daughter, hand-in-hand, to the second floor of the Suning shopping mall where my friend, Leanna, runs a delightful bakery.  Out came the pink table cloth, plastic fashion rings, stickers, paper, and colored pencils.  I ended up standing at the restaurant trash can sharpening colored pencils with a knife, because I had forgotten to bring a sharpener.  My new friend, Tammi, jumped right in and whittled the pencils with me.  The moms sat at the big-girl table and ate our salads and soup and had some lovely conversation, while the daughters sat around the little-girl table, splattering ketchup and chocolate frosting on their party dresses.

The girly-girly luncheon in honor of Jubilee's 4th birthday was a success! 
Dear Jubilee,

I always hoped I'd have a daughter with whom to test new recipes, try on clothes, and watch sad movies.  I never dreamed, however, of a daughter as wonderful as you.  I thank G0D He saw fit to pick me for your mom.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.  May this year be full of love, peace, and immeasurable joy.

I love you forever,