July 31, 2013

absolutely no eternal significance

There is a deck going up on our roof.  An ultra studly guy with his shirt off listens to rock music and wields a skill saw late into the night, by the light of an LED contraption he wired and mounted on a ladder.
Here it is lighting up our house and night.  Yowsers, don't look directly into that thing!
So the guy, if you haven't guessed it, is my husband Daniel.  And the deck is taking shape.  Here is the foundation for it (a daytime shot, though he only works on it at night).  The deck will run along the edge of our fish pond and navigate its way around two small trees.  There are lots of weird angles and unlevel rock-work to contend with, but if anybody is up to the job, it is my hubs.
The next project we have in mind is giving that horrible-looking roof wall a good coating of outdoor paint.  That's my job.  I promised Daniel that as soon as my novel is finished (I am in the middle of the last chapter right now), I will don my oldest clothes, take a bath in deet, grab the paint roller, and get to work.  I just hope that LED lighting doesn't give me a sunburn!

Our friend, Matt K., recently put it well when he said that sometimes people in our line of work need to do something of absolutely no eternal significance.  Oh how right he is!  One can only fight for the souls of others for so many hours a day, and then it's time to grab a glass of sweet tea and a tape measure and build a deck.

Or write a novel.