December 21, 2010

three problems, two solutions

We have had three problems this week.  One being that my hair needed a trim.  The last time I had it trimmed cross-culturally, I cried for quite a while afterward.  So this time, I showed Daniel a "how to trim long hair" method from and he went for it.  If my husband is anything at all, he is capable.  Good job, Babe!
The second problem was roaches.  Somehow the little stinkers have found their way to the 12th floor.  The solution?  Apparently, a miracle.
The third problem does not have a solution in a hilarious little cardboard box (unfortunately).  The third problem is Brave Ransom Rupp, who is going through the terrible 18-months.  He is too young to go the whole day with only one nap, but he is too old to take two naps.  The result is crankiness (his and mine).  Homeschool, consequently, has become tricky, what with a very tired and very aggressive baby boy clambering all over our books and crafts, trying to eat the crayons and wishing to sit right on my face during story time.  We still love you, Bravey.  We just get really excited when 7 p.m. comes around:)