December 16, 2010

The perfect marriage

Happy 32nd anniversary to my amazing parents, Marcy and Jerry Rademaker!

Here they were on their wedding day:
And here they are now:
If I have learned anything from watching these two tough it out, I have learned that marriage is no picnic, love does not sustain itself, and quitting never gets you anywhere.  I think more than anything, though, my parents have taught me that love and life are both better than their alternatives, and worth the fight.  Do they have the perfect marriage?  In my book, yes.  The perfect marriage is one that is stronger than it was at the beginning, and you are looking at one of the strongest marriages that ever was.

I love you both, and I hope you are enjoying your anniversary!  Thank you for what you have given to your family, the greatest gift of all,  love.

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