December 21, 2010

attempt #2 at being pet-owners

Attempt #1 at being pet owners was back in 2007 when we bought Bright a slider turtle named Sea Horse, which went back to the pet store his family (because they missed him) when we realized that slider turtles are actually baby sea turtles and grow to be bigger than me.

Attempt #2 is thanks to the kids' sitter, Ms. Miriam, who brought them each a fish last week for Christmas.  Meet Nemo, Marlin, and Hammer (boys are not renowned for originality in the naming department).
We had a long talk with the kids about the lifespan of fish, and that just like butterflies, they will not live long.  I guess we really drove it home, because every morning when we turn on the light, the kids go running to the fish bowl exclaiming, "They are not floating upside down!  This is a good day!"

p.s.  We love you, Miri!