November 19, 2010

Update on Glory Girl

There is REAL cause to rejoice, and cause to thank you all for your "chorus of prayers" as my mom described what she felt like she was joining at 8:45 a.m. on the 17th. In Kerry's words, "Still waiting to see how Glory recovers from her surgery...prayers for her kidneys and bleeding were answered...her main issue at this point is her left lung, which collapses and causes her oxygen to drop among other things. They are keeping her completely sedated for a few more days thinking she may need more time to heal..."

Let not the prayers drop off now, my friends. We are watching a miracle take place. Kerry wrote in an email last week, "I will tell you this, the other night I had a dream. It was not a vivid dream set in our reality; it was more like an idea placed in my head. Someone was pulling me out of the way, out of the way of something big. Whoever or whatever was pulling me out of the way was communicating to me that I needed to 'Move out of the way…God is getting ready to do something big.'"